Mutt Cutts


27 Edinburgh Drive

Laleham, Staines

Surrey TW18 1PJ

Tel.: 01784 250884


Business hours

Tues-Sat 9am until 5pm

Our 'Walk in Service' is there for nail clipping/anal glands any time during our opening hours. You may have to wait for a few minutes until one of us has a free hand !

Our basic grooming advice ranges from short haired small breeds right upto the giant heavy maintenance breeds such as a Giant Schnauzer...


The basics are pretty simple, our customers owners just have to put in the effort to maintain the coat particular to the breed.


For example :


Short Haireds really need nothing other then a decent coat shedding tool such as a 'Furminator' or similar.


Wire Haireds (Border Terriers/Affenpinchsers/Patterdalels/Jack Russells etc) require no more then a decent 'Mars Coat King' stripping tool or similar.


Woolly Coats (Poodles/Bichons etc) a comb, a dematting tool, and a slicker brush is all you need. This type of coat is the toughest to keep on top of to keep matts away....remember, the matt starts from the skin, and works up !


Silky Coats (Yorkies etc) again, a decent comb and a dematting tool are all you need....


We stock grooming equipment to suit all coat types.

If you are in doubt, just ask us for coat advice.