Mutt Cutts


27 Edinburgh Drive

Laleham, Staines

Surrey TW18 1PJ

Tel.: 01784 250884


Business hours

Tues-Sat 9am until 5pm

Our 'Walk in Service' is there for nail clipping/anal glands any time during our opening hours. You may have to wait for a few minutes until one of us has a free hand !

No hidden costs at all!

Once you walk into the shop, we will discuss you and your dogs requirements. This can range from a full breed standard groom (Poodle etc...) or just a slight bath and trim. 


Please understand that If your dog has excessive matting, we will probably need to clip down very short underneath the matts (APPROXIMATELY 3.2mm all over)


Your dedicated Pet Stylist will see  your dog throughout his/her groom from start to finish.


Your Stylist will follow the below code :


Your groomer will brush/clip/comb your dog thouroughly before bathing.

Your groomer will bathe your dog in a suitable shampoo.

Your  groomer will express your dogs Anal glands (externally) during the bath.

Your groomer will dry and finish your dog to our expected high standards.

Your groomer will clip nails and clean/pluck ears as required.


Your groomer will absolutely kiss and cuddle your dog throughout all of the above !!


(The last bit was just our normal working day)


All sounds a bit extreme, but mabe when you see what we do, you'll understand.



'A Unique Grooming Experience'