Mutt Cutts


27 Edinburgh Drive

Laleham, Staines

Surrey TW18 1PJ

Tel.: 01784 250884


Business hours

Tues-Sat 9am until 5pm

Our 'Walk in Service' is there for nail clipping/anal glands any time during our opening hours. You may have to wait for a few minutes until one of us has a free hand !

Could this be the ideal place for nervous dogs?


 We have chosen this particular salon due to a number of factors :


We have a very spacious 'backyard' which is totally contained.

The presence of a central drain, flower bed, and many,many interesting smells makes the area a great place for dogs to settle down before their groom, and also a great place to do their thing once the groom is finished....

Socialisation is very Important for dogs, and our yard is the Ideal place for this!!

We have found that from the most nervous dog, to the dominant type very quickly settle into the environment we have set up. If we are in doubt about any possibilities of stress or trouble, we will contain the problem through room containment, rather then crating.


Poo Wormery?

We hear you say : what?

A Dog Poo wormery is a self contained system that absorbs dog poo.

The worms Inside eat the poo, and the end product can be used as a duel fertiliser for your plants!! Poo is taken care of, and the plants have loads of food!!

Pop In and see for yourselves.