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Our 'Walk in Service' is there for nail clipping/anal glands any time during our opening hours. You may have to wait for a few minutes until one of us has a free hand !


We are now very pleased to stock the full Natural Instinct Dog Food range.


Natural Instinct only employ fresh meat that’s been sourced from DEFRA-approved farms. From both an ethical and health conscious viewpoint, they don’t use battery farm chickens or any intensively-farmed animals as there’s a growing body of evidence which suggests that the use of cheap, sub-standard ingredients has been a trigger for health problems in pets.

A staunch, unflinching commitment to human grade ingredients means that all Their meats are dressed. In other words the phrase meat isn’t a misguided euphemism for a big bucket of chicken heads, feathers and feet. They also never resort to bulking out their recipes with undesirable fillers such as dairy produce, animal by-products, animal derivatives or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Since becoming a retailer for this great food, a growing number of our grooming  customers are coming round to the idea of the benefits of a raw food diet for their dogs, and keep coming back for more.


We feed our own dogs on this complete diet, and they are flourishing on it !!




For further Information, and full details of this fantastic diet, please visit their website :